Leigh-Anne Povey


Leigh-Anne commenced her articles of clerkship at Van Hulsteyns in January 2016. She was a student at the University of Pretoria, where she graduated with BCom Law and LLB degrees, both of which she completed with distinction. Leigh-Anne’s focus is predominantly High Court litigation, drafting of commercial contracts and agreements, providing research and legal opinions in various fields of company and commercial law as well as tax implications of certain commercial transactions, insolvency practice and all litigation proceedings leading up to, and including, sales in execution.

Leigh-Anne assists in the management of the foreclosure department, and drafts all legal documents from inception to sale in execution stage, including S129 letters, letters of demand, particulars of claim, applications and affidavits, warrants of execution in respect of both moveable and immovable property and the relevant sale documents required for a sale in execution. In addition hereto, Leigh-Anne drafts papers in general litigious matters including PIE applications, divorce actions, debt collection and curatorship applications. Leigh-Anne actively engages with counsel in matters which she runs, by briefing and consulting counsel and attending hearings and trials.

Leigh-Anne has drafted a due diligence report for a major merger agreement (worth in excess of R250 million), as well as a wide range of agreements, including memorandums of association, service contracts, sale and lease agreements, directorship contracts, sale of share agreements and general share agreements.